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Valentine Themed Upcycle Literacy Activity

As a saver of all things potentially useful I decided I really should use the old valentine chocolates boxes I had collected over the years. Magnets came to mind and I decided a valentine themed magnet letter activity would be fun for my girls. (The magnet letter and popsicle stick idea is something I saw somewhere on the interwebs.) Step 1 Save random advertising magnets over the years (or pull one from your fridge) (or buy a sheet of them) (or buy a sheet of valentine magnets from dollar tree and use the edges between the shapes) Step 2 Write whatever words or names you want on popsicle sticks. Step 3 Cut magnets into strips and glue to the back of each. Step 4 Then just fish through the refrigerator magnets for the letters needed for your words (I decided to take out unused letters to save space and make it easier to find the letters needed. Waalahh! An easy and free (assuming you have everything in craft supplies) to make, educational activity that will c