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Got to see a crawdad in our creek this afternoon!  So we read Crawdad Creek and watched YouTube videos about Crawdads and learned that to catch them, you need to put your net or bucket behind them, wave a stick in the front of them, because they scuttle backwards when they are retreating. 

Ancient History Pockets

To go along with our Story Of The World activities, we got History Pockets: Ancient Civilizations:  Which is not pockets, but actually a book of worksheets and activities that you can copy for each kid and add to your own pockets. It is designed to make 7 work sample pockets with pocket labels and content for each. Each pocket has a wordpicture/definition page to color pictures, write the definition and cut the pictures and words for matching. I love that it is a great expansion to other activities, but not enough as a stand alone for these topics