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DIY Name flip book

Penny, my 4 year old, loves writing but hasn't figured out "sounding out words" for spelling yet so she constantly asks "how do you spell..." So I made her a name book with photos of her favorite people. Plan #1 was to make photos on my phone with names under using a photo collage/edit option and print the pictures at Walgreens and either punch for rings or slip into a small photo album. Then I saw these " picture plates " at Lakeshore Learning Store and decided to use my new Sprocket. I prefer Home-made, hand written, and diy style educational supplies vs everything being ready made, computerized etc so this plan appealed to me, plus I can can easily add to it without going back to Walgreen's. Supplies: Photo/name plates Or you could just use notecards.  A way to bind them, Since I have a arc style punch , I opted to use some  Happy Planner Discs that I had leftover from old planners.  But you can use something like