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Central America Studies

I wanted to study more of Central America  before moving from Mexico to South America in Build Your Library.  I got the audiobook: Island Treasures   which is mostly set in Cuba and one of the early chapters talks about old an young coconuts, so we picked up one of each at the grocery store.  After googling videos on how to open each kind, we got them open and taste tested the water, young slime  I mean meat, and the old meat: Some other books we used: Tales Our Abuelitas Told Martina Martinez and Perez the Mouse: Cuba/Puerto Rico  Martina the Beautiful Cockroach Juan Bobo  Puerto Rica (and all over) For a great chapter book that includes many different Central America countries and family history, we loved  Salsa Stories The Jolly Mon With this book we also listed to this Jimmy Buffet song and some Bob Marley Music  More Books:  Dear Deer! Said the Turtle - Carribean Islands The Golden Flower - Guatamala Oye

Viva Mexico!

So we planned North America out so that we could be studying Mexico during Dia De Los Muertos  Some of the books we used:   Elena's Serenade This is a book about a girl who is told she cannot become a glass blower, so we also found some videos of glass blowing in Mexico on YouTube.  Grandmothers Song The Tooth Fairy Meets El Raton Perez Nino's Mask  Tortillitas para Mamá and Other Nursery Rhymes (Bilingual Edition in Spanish and English) Uncle Monarch and The Day of the Dead This pairs nicely with the Flight of the Butterfly documentary we watched when we learned about Canada: We also made a day of the dead altar craft from a book we got from the library and watched  Book of Life    while we ate some take-out Mexican food.  For another craft, we found paper flowers plans in a multicultural craft book I had: Basically we just raided the tissue paper gift wrap stash and cut blobbly circles from various color