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One way I stay (slightly) organized with school work.

So I LOVE organizing, I love sorting and filing and color coding and planning. But I am not so great at the implementing of the systems that I create or envision. I HAVE however found this workbox system to help a lot! I bought this organizer rack: This was easy to assemble and seems plenty sturdy enough for our purposes. I did insert the drawers in rainbow order because you gotta love Roy G. Biv! I love that it has 10 drawers for Ellie (7) and 5 bigger drawers for Penny (4) I can put a number puzzle in Penny's math drawer and assignments for Ellie in her matching color drawer. Penny's bins are larger to fit games and more toy-like activities. Red is Math Orange is writing and reading. I have her pick a few books she can read (mostly) on her own each Sunday. Green is science Blue is social studies/geography/history Purple is poetry and art. Since we have 2 of each color, I thought of having her put her finished work in the second drawer of each color, s