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Semi-Homemade Homeschool Lesson Planner HAPPY PLANNER

While I prefer an unschool attitude with our "teaching style" I still like to keep track of things we have done, goals for doing things, and ideas for expanding on topics. This I wanted my planner to have: Flexibilty Weekends Expandability Sturdy Color Customization to change with time. Not TOO bulky and flip around flat like a spiral (not a 3-ring binder) Here is how I semi-homemade my homeschool lesson planner. This planner allows me to show plans and structure to our home learning charter school guide and keep track of To-Do's for the school requirements I looked at the teacher version of the Happy Planner but opted for the non-teacher version since I wanted weekends and didn't need many of the schooly stickers and inserts. I opted for the BIG Happy Planner  vs the Classic size since it's already 8.5x11 and I can easily add regular size printed or copied or notebook papers. I took the vertical HP and divided the 3 daily sections into mo

Chocolate Frogs

To finish up our Harry Potter Unit Study we enjoyed chocolate frogs and watched the movie. I bought the molds here.  *any amazon links are my affiliate links, if you buy anything after visiting my links I might get a very small commission, this does not cost you any extra