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DIY Name flip book

Penny, my 4 year old, loves writing but hasn't figured out "sounding out words" for spelling yet so she constantly asks "how do you spell..." So I made her a name book with photos of her favorite people. Plan #1 was to make photos on my phone with names under using a photo collage/edit option and print the pictures at Walgreens and either punch for rings or slip into a small photo album. Then I saw these " picture plates " at Lakeshore Learning Store and decided to use my new Sprocket. I prefer Home-made, hand written, and diy style educational supplies vs everything being ready made, computerized etc so this plan appealed to me, plus I can can easily add to it without going back to Walgreen's. Supplies: Photo/name plates Or you could just use notecards.  A way to bind them, Since I have a arc style punch , I opted to use some  Happy Planner Discs that I had leftover from old planners.  But you can use something like

Harry Potter Unit Study

We are loving the Harry Potter Build Your Library Unit study .  We started with The Sorcerer's Stone of course The unit study includes making a reference book of Magical Devices, starting with the Put-Outer There are carefully selected copywork and dictation activities. I used a free worksheet generator to make copywork pages for the selections.  After learning about what Knickerbock Glories are, we decided to write our own recipes: Then made some with ingredients we had on hand, (you know for educational purposes) We did later buy the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook  which has recipes for this and many other treats  one day, some letters arrived via owl to invite the kids to listen to the next chapter.  I found one of many "hogwarts letter envelope template"s off of the google.  And then Ellie learned how to address an envelope by practicing Harry's address in the cupboard under the stairs.   In addition to the

Eggcelent Eggsperements

I was inspired by a chapter in Children of the Noisy Village and it being chick season (and seeing chicks at the farm supply store) to do a egg/chick unit study. We got some books from the library: A Chick Grows Up by Pam Zollman and  Hatching Chicks in Room 6 by Caroline Arnold coloring the chick life cycle pictures. Checking out the membrane looking for the chalazae We printed some free coloring pages , label egg parts   label chicken parts and life cycle pages from the google, and watched Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk .  (also on Netflix ) We of course had to crack open some eggs to examine (and cook them for dinner). Since the air pocket is on the big end, we were careful to crack in the middle to be able to examine the air pocket. This is a great video about how chicks breathe on YouTube Ellie also got out her microscope and remembered she had a foul feather slide in one of her sets and examined it. *any amazon links are my affiliat

South America- Amazon Rain Forest

I decided for the sake of my own thought process, to split South America into sections. We started in the Amazon Rain Forest. (we later moved to the Andes mountains) The BYL curriculum has a lot of the stories we read when we focused on Central America listed for literature, so I wanted to find something else for the Amazon. Here is what we did: We LOVED Journey to the River Sea  Which is a great story of an English orphan girl sent to live with a relatives in Menaus on the Amazon River. I found  this free discussion guide  to go along with the book. Read: Magic Tree House Afternoon on the Amazon Which was a great quick introduction to the layers of the rain forest and a few animals, but the storyline was meh. Somewhere I learned that Pink River Dolphins are a think and only live in the Amazon, so we got some books from the library Journey of the Pink Dolphins Pink River Dolphins (Jungle Babies of the Amazon) (this was a great simple book that my 4 year old pr

Central America Studies

I wanted to study more of Central America  before moving from Mexico to South America in Build Your Library.  I got the audiobook: Island Treasures   which is mostly set in Cuba and one of the early chapters talks about old an young coconuts, so we picked up one of each at the grocery store.  After googling videos on how to open each kind, we got them open and taste tested the water, young slime  I mean meat, and the old meat: Some other books we used: Tales Our Abuelitas Told Martina Martinez and Perez the Mouse: Cuba/Puerto Rico  Martina the Beautiful Cockroach Juan Bobo  Puerto Rica (and all over) For a great chapter book that includes many different Central America countries and family history, we loved  Salsa Stories The Jolly Mon With this book we also listed to this Jimmy Buffet song and some Bob Marley Music  More Books:  Dear Deer! Said the Turtle - Carribean Islands The Golden Flower - Guatamala Oye