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Semi-Homemade Homeschool Lesson Planner HAPPY PLANNER

While I prefer an unschool attitude with our "teaching style" I still like to keep track of things we have done, goals for doing things, and ideas for expanding on topics. This I wanted my planner to have: Flexibilty Weekends Expandability Sturdy Color Customization to change with time. Not TOO bulky and flip around flat like a spiral (not a 3-ring binder) Here is how I semi-homemade my homeschool lesson planner. This planner allows me to show plans and structure to our home learning charter school guide and keep track of To-Do's for the school requirements I looked at the teacher version of the Happy Planner but opted for the non-teacher version since I wanted weekends and didn't need many of the schooly stickers and inserts. I opted for the BIG Happy Planner  vs the Classic size since it's already 8.5x11 and I can easily add regular size printed or copied or notebook papers. I took the vertical HP and divided the 3 daily sections into mo

Chocolate Frogs

To finish up our Harry Potter Unit Study we enjoyed chocolate frogs and watched the movie. I bought the molds here.  *any amazon links are my affiliate links, if you buy anything after visiting my links I might get a very small commission, this does not cost you any extra


We have done a few dinosaur studies over the last year. One of the Wolf rank optional requirements for Cub Scouts is a study of dinosaurs. We watched a lot of Dino Dan and Dino Dana, and used the resources in this TPT unit: Most recently, we went to this store: Prehistoric   in Lincoln City on our vacation. In addition to lots of fossils, and animatronic dinos, they have a fossil dig and geology sluicing activity. A few days later was Paleontology day at Ballyntyne Learning Farm Teacher Kiely did a lesson on how fossils form over millions of years and how Paleontoligists find dig and study fossils. After examining some real fossils, we went on a hike up the hill at the farm, found some real deer bones (likely left from a cougar meal) to examine and found dig sites Kiely had set up ahead of time: kids found multiple "fossils" at their dig site. Here is another blogger post about making them at home. On the walk, kids gathered leaves, sticks and pieces of

Homeschool Theme Easter Baskets (could be stocking stuffer or birthday themes too) and bonus: Book recommendations

This year, Ellie got an "inventor" themed basket. Hot glue gun : Big roll of rope: Pulleys: (the rope fit the pulleys, which I almost did not think to be certain of) This book: plus Duck Tape: Scissors. And candy of course! Other ideas: tools, wire/cutters, motors and circuit sets, popcicle sticks, Penny got a writer/planner/scrapbook theme: Washi Notebook Stickers Scissors Colored pens (I highly recommend these colored pens, they write smooth and the retractable means no pen caps to lose!) More stickers This book (because "EB" wanted her to have it). and candy of course! Other ideas: actual planner (she already had one) planner accessories like bookmarks, charms, personalized cover etc. Both of these books are a homeschool moms dream! fun and exciting with opportunities to learn history, geography and stem! I may do a series of blog posts about what we did with the stories to expand on the books. *any amazon links are my affili