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Spring: Flower Unit Study

 The plan was to transition from Pirates straight into a spring and Easter theme, but that took a bit longer than planned so we decided Spring is still happening so we got to it.  I decorated our kids craft shelf again to brighten up the entire house (its a loft so this is the center of one side) Under the window are some flower lights I had bought a yard sale forever ago. The wreath at the top of the window I made long ago and blogged about on my home blog  I started a hundred years ago when I thought I could be a great daily blogger.  I bought these plastic flower pots from the Dollar Tree (6/$1) not sure what I would do with them because they are very flimsy then got the idea to showcase the different parts of a flower, dissecting a couple different silk flowers (also from the DT). I used scrap green felt, a pool noodle I just happen to have in my craft room and some hot glue. The plant label stakes are 10/$1 from DT too.  On the oppsite "wall" (actually a room dividing wa


 When I saw the bonus lesson in A River of Voices by Blossom and Root for the Golden Age of Piracy, I got excited!  We decided to spend a good few weeks reading pirate books, watching pirate movies and documentaries and doing some pirate crafts.  I decided to keep us in pirate mood, I would decorate our kids craft shelves on theme.  We had the pirate treasure chest and Jake Pirate toy. The Lego Pirate ship was something my husband had put together. We added a globe, some treasure (mardi gras beads, and some old casino chips we had) and some sea shells. I made pirate word cards  (free printable PDF) and bought the flag bunting for an added touch. So our kid pirates can trade dubloons for shells or jewels, or just compare weights of our treasures we added a balance scale .  The main book that we used was Who Was Blackbeard   and we used the unit study from Waldock Way that goes with it and  Pirates by John Matthews   This was a wealth of knowledge and we spent a lot of time looking