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Harry Potter Unit Study

We are loving the Harry Potter Build Your Library Unit study .  We started with The Sorcerer's Stone of course The unit study includes making a reference book of Magical Devices, starting with the Put-Outer There are carefully selected copywork and dictation activities. I used a free worksheet generator to make copywork pages for the selections.  After learning about what Knickerbock Glories are, we decided to write our own recipes: Then made some with ingredients we had on hand, (you know for educational purposes) We did later buy the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook  which has recipes for this and many other treats  one day, some letters arrived via owl to invite the kids to listen to the next chapter.  I found one of many "hogwarts letter envelope template"s off of the google.  And then Ellie learned how to address an envelope by practicing Harry's address in the cupboard under the stairs.   In addition to the