When I saw the bonus lesson in A River of Voices by Blossom and Root for the Golden Age of Piracy, I got excited! 

We decided to spend a good few weeks reading pirate books, watching pirate movies and documentaries and doing some pirate crafts. 

I decided to keep us in pirate mood, I would decorate our kids craft shelves on theme. 

We had the pirate treasure chest and Jake Pirate toy. The Lego Pirate ship was something my husband had put together. We added a globe, some treasure (mardi gras beads, and some old casino chips we had) and some sea shells. I made pirate word cards (free printable PDF) and bought the flag bunting for an added touch. So our kid pirates can trade dubloons for shells or jewels, or just compare weights of our treasures we added a balance scale

The main book that we used was Who Was Blackbeard  and we used the unit study from Waldock Way that goes with it and 

Pirates by John Matthews  This was a wealth of knowledge and we spent a lot of time looking through and reading the lots of tidbits of information in this, we were sad to return it to the library

Here are some of the other books that we owned and some from the library 

Follow That Sound and we watched a lot of Jake and the Neverland Pirate cartoons too! 

Library book Haul

The Pirate Pig books 
Who Wants to be a Pirate This is a real life look at what it would really be like to be a pirate, compared to fantasized concepts. 
Chicken of the Sea 
I highly recommend this book, clip from the description:
A whimsical and unexpected adventure tale, Chicken of the Sea originated in the five-year-old mind of Ellison Nguyen, son of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen; father and son committed the story to the page, then enlisted the artistic talents of Caldecott Honor winner Thi Bui and her thirteen-year-old son, Hien Bui-Stafford, to illustrate it. This unique collaboration between two generations of artists and storytellers invites you aboard for adventure, even if you're chicken. Maybe especially if you're chicken
How to Be a Pirate
Pirate Viking Scientist
This is a fun problem solving conflict resolution book. 

We of course had to have some Pirates Booty to snack on. 

The pirate movies we watched: 

Hook (streams on Netflix)
Pan (streams on Hulu)
Peter Pan (Disney+)
Return to Neverland (Disney+)
The Goonies (Streams on HBOmax)
(and we had fish sticks, chowder and tartar sauce for dinner!)
Muppet Treasure Island (Disney+)
Pirate Fairy (Disney+)
Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney+)
Swiss Family Robinson (Disney+)
Treasure Planet (Disney+)
The Pirates' band of Misfits  (rent on Amazon $2.99)
Pippi Longstocking in the South Seas (and the original) (rent with Amazon 2.99)

Some books we didn't get in person, we watched read on YouTube:



Pirates Love Underpants

This audible book (included free with Audible Plus) was a really fun listen, and educational! 

Activities we did:

Penny drew and colored this pirate on their ship

Ellie made this with movable pirate

This is the pirate flag Penny designed for her ships. (you can see Ellie's hanging at the top of the window in the first picture)

Ellie made her sister Katie a simple pirate ship 

Both of my pirates designed their own "Wanted" posters to hang up around ports. 

I printed black and white photos of each of them making their pirate faces with my Sprocket and they attached to their posters, then we photocopied them to give them the mass produced look. 

When we saw the pirate stickers in the kids photo app, we, of course, had to have fun with it. 

We had to take a trip to the coast! 

Some more resources:

This documentary was really interesting from an archeological point of view, and although a little repetetive, very good. Streaming on Disney+

My husband and I quite enjoyed this definitely not for children series on Netflix, we learned just how connected many of the famous pirates were. 

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Our toddler enjoyed using the Melissa and Doug Pirate Stickers


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